Parkdean West Bay, Dorset - one to avoid

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Parkdean West Bay, Dorset - one to avoid

Post by Sookey on Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:35 pm

Just returned from a 3 night stay- not the type of campsite I usually stay at, but wanted somewhere near the beach so we could just pitch up and have a rest from driving.
The touring site, set on the hillside in tiers, is at the back of a hundred or so caravan holiday homes - although they claim the pitches are level, most of them have a fair slope to them. For some reason we were sited right at the very top, next to a caravan that looked like it had taken root there and whose owner decided it was okay to park his car over part of our pitch too ( censored  ). Although it had a great view, we were a long way from facilities so we asked very nicely at Reception and they were very obliging in changing our pitch for us - we chose one at the bottom of the site, which was a lot better for my sister and her jippy hip ( just looked that up in the Urban Dictionary, to see if its spelt 'jippy' or 'gippy' and it came up with jippy jappy - please do not look that up :0_blush: :0_blush: :0_blush: censored  ).  Although quite dated, the toilets/showers were immaculately clean - not sure if the same would be true during school hols. We were lucky in that there were 3 fresh water taps in the row we were in, there didnt seem so many on the rest of the campsite and we managed to get my van alongside to fill it up (there was no motorhome service point). There was no waste water point either and the toilet waste was in an alcove next to the toilet block - I pity the poor person (tempted to say, Mr T style, that I pity the fool snigger ) that had to clean that or perhaps they never bothered, as it had to be the most disgusting one I have ever come across- it looked as if someone had thrown up over it, perhaps they had when they saw what was on the floor either side hugegrins . After that one visit I decided to wait until I got home before emptying the cassette and waste water. There was a shed at the entrance to the campsite itself, that went by the fancy name of Touring Reception, they also sold some items of camping equipment and sweets/ice creams, where you may be lucky enough to find a Warden -  although the Wardens motorhome was parked opposite and they seemed to keep a look out for anyone lingering outside their 'shed' biggrin . The main shop was situated down near main reception, as were the swimming pool and bar. No dog walk on site, but plenty of places to walk the dog - a footpath led from the site along the riverbank and the harbour, beach and coast path were on the doorstep - there was also a lack of poo bins on site.
For a 3 night stay, for 2 adults and 2 dogs, was £80 - £80 which I wish I had kept in my pocket and gone elsewhere. When we had a walk along the cliff path, we went past a campsite near Eype (which I had discounted as I thought no dogs were allowed on the beach - I found out afterwards that they are) which looked much better but they seemed to have packed them in like sardines and the cost was much the same -  and £3.50 per night per dog????????????? ). There is another campsite in Eype itself, but this one only takes tents and small campervans - why, I dont know, possibly due to an access issue?

West Bay itself is worth a visit though, with a few shops and cafes and, at the back of the harbour, what look like large beach huts selling fish and chips for less than a fiver. We settled on a cafe/takeaway at the east end of the harbour that listed when/where the fish was caught and by which boat - and very good it was too. As you come into the village there is a large car park on the left, where we saw a number of motorhomes parked, but continuing to the left instead of turning right towards the harbour there is another large car park next to the beach, opposite to which is a smaller car park that takes motorhomes - it is to the east of this that dogs are allowed on the beach " /> The cliffs are amazing - they look as if they're ready to collapse though - and the beach is similiar to Chesil beach in that it is quite pebbly and steeply shelving. Once the tide has gone out it is more sandy

" />

Bridport is also a nice place to visit, with individual shops and plenty of eating places - we travelled there on one of GrannyPat's favourite bus routes - the X53 wave . 40p return for each dog - jeez, they like to make their money - cant remember what it was for humans, but seemed a lot considering it was only a mile and a half up the road (could have walked if it hadnt been for Sis's previously mentioned jippy hip) - roll on the bus pass years up! , although they're talking about stopping bus passes soon - just my luck  goneoff hugegrins
We went into Bridport on the Tuesday , which I thought was market day - it is actually Wednesday and Saturday. I really need to get a grip on planning our days out smile! 
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