Grisedale Farm, Leighton, Carnforth Lancs

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Grisedale Farm, Leighton, Carnforth Lancs

Post by journeyman on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:44 pm

Grisedale Farm, Leighton, Carnforth, Lancs LA5 9ST

As newbies this was our first visit to a CL. Its located about 5 mins walk from Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve. The CL site is accessed via a metalled road through the grounds of nearby Leighton Hall. Its totally isolated, just you, 4 other vans, the farm and a decent head of cattle. The site is grassed pitches, but very level and priced at £12 PN. EHU is available on all the pitches and there is a central water tap and chem disposal point and thats about it. You will need to empty your grey/fresh water tanks elsewhere on departure or do what we did, using the thetford to drain the excess water into it and then empty it down the chem disposal, unless of course you have a really long hose!

Mobile internet on "3" is non existent at the CL, although the other half's O2 was picking up a 3g signal.

View from the van.

Dogs are allowed. There is a large enclosed field opposite the pitches and so we obtained permission off the site owner Ailsha to exercise the mutt on there. The owner and her husband are normally available if you need them at the farmhouse, but not overly intrusive, they have just the right balance.

This is a really great CL location if you want peace and quiet. On the first evening we walked onto the public access causeway that splits the nature reserve in half(you can take your dogs on this bit), within 5 mins we had spotted a Marsh Harrier hovering overhead, a great sight, I'm no bird twitcher but to see it hunting was quite an experience. There is also a public hide on the causeway that you can enter to get a closer view of the wildlife.

The Causeway

On the Saturday we did a 5-6 mile circular walk around the area, taking in limestone quarry, a couple of nature reserves and some stunning farmland. The weather was great which heightened the experience. The site owner Ailsha has a handbook with the walk/map listed in it..(page 82). The dog was off the lead for the majority of it and only a small portion was on roads. Take a flask and something to eat, its a great day out.


So all in all this site was gem and a great intro to the CL's circuit. A pleasurable experience, we will certainly return,

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Re: Grisedale Farm, Leighton, Carnforth Lancs

Post by deckie on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:58 pm

Nice report, thank you, Journeyman, allthumbz


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