Windsor Reverse light failure

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Windsor Reverse light failure Empty Windsor Reverse light failure

Post by mike on Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:28 am

Following on from my saga about rear wheel removal, you may remember that Reverse light failure. With the light working uphill but not on the level or downhill.

While changing the wheel i asked the dealer to investigate the intermittent failure on the reverse light. I suspected that the wiring may have been a bit tight causing intermittent contact depending on the motorhome position.

Well, following a considerable amount of time the dealer found the following:-

Fault was that the Autosleeper wiring too tight as mentioned by other owners. The wiring chaffed against the chassis and eventually rubbed through causing an intermittant short circuit dependant on position of van i.e. uphill or downhill, this then eventually caused the failure of the reverse switch in gearbox. So new reverse switch fitted, wires soldered, re-insulated and re-routed at a cost of £130, which considering the time to find the fault and rectify it was reasonable. The dealer had some sympathy for my plight and obviously never charged the full time spent.
So well done A/S biggrin I suggest that other owners just be aware that your wiring could also be a bit tight.
May be worth having a look underneath when the weather get a bit warmer.


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Windsor Reverse light failure Empty Re: Windsor Reverse light failure

Post by roli on Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:45 pm

Thanks Mike, I will look at ours, when the weather gets better or its annual service which ever comes first



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