Ford Duetto at Sunny Hunny

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Ford Duetto at Sunny Hunny

Post by fluffles on Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:22 pm

Parked up the cliff top road yesterday at Hunstanton and as we walked into the town passed a parked Duetto.

Two weeks prior to this we came back to our 'van (parked in the same place) and found a Talismann parked in front of us, " T" reg I think.

When they returned we had a quick chat to them and it turned out he used to be a bus/coach driver. They had seen the 'van for sale (use to have a caravan) and she really liked it and he assured her it would fit on the drive. She said that perhaps they should take measurements and make sure as one of the benefits of changing to a motor'van was that it could be parked on there drive way (you must know where this is going!) instead of in storage. No need he said, it will fit. And yes, got the Talismann home and it was to long. So it is now in storage and they can not just "load up and go" as they had planned. We did laugh though especially when he said he did not know how he got it so wrong!.

fluffles biggrin



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