Hella rear light clusters

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Hella rear light clusters Empty Hella rear light clusters

Post by mikeyval on Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:55 pm

Hella rear light clusters --- what a P I A -- virtually impossible to clean.

My rear lights needed new bulbs (one blown) so bought a pair of new bulbs.
Removed the unit  - oh boy - absolutely filthy with accumulated road dirt.
Having dismantled I tried to clean with hot soapy water - waste of time. So out came the pressure washer.
Light cluster firmly held in place and pressure washer deployed -- It is virtually impossible to remove, by
any method the accumulated dirt that gets inside the light cluster. Inner and outer parts cannot be parted
for cleaning - stupid design. If they were properly sealed dirt wouldn't get in.

Looking for replacement light clusters now and they ain't cheap -anywhere - any suggested sources ?
Rant over

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