Auto-Sleeper Broadway El Duo 2008 - £26500

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Auto-Sleeper Broadway El Duo 2008 - £26500 Empty Auto-Sleeper Broadway El Duo 2008 - £26500

Post by cotswoldiver on Sat May 04, 2019 10:34 am

We moved into a cottage late last summer and so even less time spent in the MH and our emergency reserve building funds became depleted much quicker than expected and so we have taken the decision that the Broadway must go.

It has less than 39k miles and is in lovely condition which is what attracted us to it in the first place. We have tried to bring it up to date with its lighting, security & cameras and that with the high original spec makes it a very usable MH. Our local garage in Beenham, Berkshire is helping us to sell it but I thought I'd list it here in case a member was specifically looking for a Broadway. The wrap on the front bumper was added by a professional specialist company in Oxfordshire who created new AS badges for us at the same time as they were damaged, we know it will not be too everyone taste but we liked it because it was easier to spot in a sea of white fronts but it can be removed by other specialists to restore.

Please PM me for specific info and extra photos, but we are happy to sell with all our of gear so that for a first timer it can literally be taken from our drive and used that very day on a trip
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