95 Transit AS Duetto DIY rear chair rack

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95 Transit AS Duetto DIY rear chair rack

Post by Chrissybmh on Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:00 am

Hi there road going submarine drivers cold .
I thought this rack idea may interest some folk? Please see photos for the general idea.
All measurements below relate to 1995 Ford Transit AS duetto.
I give measurements of the finished job from the outside flat areas of the 20mm plastic conduit fittings that I have used here. The Two 90 deg out riggers near the bottom are 180mm. the two 45 (or so) deg are 222mm  total height is 754mm width is 658mm. I have learned  studying that an extra cross rail would have been a good idea. This would be directly below the 90 deg tees near the bottom ( not forgetting to leave 20mm between the two tees on each side for the saddles/fixing fittings). I have strengthened some of the frame by putting some steel ( and/or aluminium) tube inside the 20mm plastic conduit tube. I did this in top bottom and sides but the whole structure would benefit from this. I cemented first: the out rigger bit i.e elbow, tube, tee 180mm. then one side of the main frame excluding the bottom elbow and piece of tube then cemented the latter to each other ready to add then the other side of the main frame checking there was no twist ( so it lays flat, I used a wooden mallet to make sure all tubes were fully into the fittings. You have to think about which bits to cement in which order.  confused3   Have fun.

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