Whats The cost of running this website

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Re: Whats The cost of running this website

Post by Constan42 on Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:20 pm

Kingham wrote:
frederic wrote:......The last thing we as a group want is people to feel pressurised into contributing monies, participation is really enough, donations a bonus!

I mostly agree with that sentiment, but I have also seen a few other excellent forums sold to overseas commercial interests and ruined to the point of virtual collapse.

It would be a shame if this one was running at such a financial loss that Admin ever see fit to let it go, which for me provides sufficient incentive to help out.

Hopefully open discussion will incentivise a few more members, without actually pressuring them and again that is important to me, as voluntary contributions are exactly that.... voluntary up!
Good points Kingham


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