Trooper (T5) fluorescent light internal parts

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Trooper (T5) fluorescent light internal parts

Post by -mojo- on Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:33 pm

Free - for the cost of shipping only: I've replaced the internals of the roof-level long fluorescents on our 2006 Trooper with LEDs, but the original parts work well and, once warmed up, are near enough as bright as the LEDs that replaced them. If you want the fluorescent parts to repair yours (tube, starter, internal wiring and end caps) then you're welcome to them for the cost of postage (probably about £4-5 because of the tube length).

I believe that these fittings are quite rare, because they were only made for custom installation in motorhomes. Tubes are 520mm long, and unlike most Labcraft fittings they do NOT have a switch built-in (the switch is external on a Trooper of that age). To be clear - these are NOT Labcraft Trilite fittings!

I will hold on to these parts until 20th Feb and then they will be disposed of in the recycling.


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