IGN Mapping - France

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IGN Mapping - France

Post by journeyman on Tue 01 Aug 2017, 5:28 pm

We are currently on our annual month-long summer trip, this time to France and titled "LeCercle17". All's going well as we trundle around in a clockwise circle. Using a mixture of aires and campsites, this time weighted in favour of aires!, especially the free ones. Currently we are at Chappelle Des Bois(Aire No25240) in the Haut Jura region, close to the border with Switzerland, ten o'clock of Lausanne. A free aire at a ski station, space for 20 vehs and walks and views to die for.

Mapping. We are keen walkers, nothing silly, but we do like to get into the hills and stretch the legs, and our extremly fit standard poodle. In the UK we use an OS Mapping app on my Iphone for normal days out, backed up with a powerpack(rarely required). Obviously if it's well up in the hills, or in poor weather, the old fashioned map is the weapon of choice. But most of the time we use an app called "OutdoorsGPS" that offers an unlimited OS mapping service down to 1:25,000 for just over 20 quid a year, uk wide!. Which is a bargain when faced with the cost of detailed paper maps. You can also download the map tiles for a specific area prior to walking, and then switch off all the phones data/wifi/bluetooth ect and just use the phone as a satnav. (Always take a small booster power pack)

In France, they have a tie in with IGN, the french equivalent of Ordnance Survey. So a £19.99 charge for unlimited country-wide mapping down to 1:25,000. Same detail, and you can download onto your phone or tablet what you need for the days walk. They also do similar with the German Bkg mapping system. For us, it's a cost effective way of enjoying the glorious walks on the French GR public routes that criss-cross every town and village and the wild beyonds. We've also used it in Germany.

If this floats your boat, heres the link: http://outdoorsgps.com

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