Gelcoat "damage"

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Gelcoat "damage"

Post by HairyFool on Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:17 pm

Started cleaning the van properly for the 1st time today. Cut the cab paintwork with a massive difference achieved and quite happy with it.

The body is more problematic. The coloured top (Amethyst) appears much flatter than the white lower which puzzled me but I thing I have found why. Under the overcab section it still has full gloss so perhaps due to sun but closer inspection makes me feel probably not. There is a very defined boundary between the gloss and the flat with some evidence of a rotary tool involved.

It looks like somebody has cut out the Gelcoat altogether. Most of the guides are about restoring shine to an existing surface, what can I do about no coat at all?!Ao1nrHDSGyKjg85iSfByLiDkczwG7Q


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