Last Duo mods for now..............promise!

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Last Duo mods for now..............promise!

Post by IanH on Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:36 pm

This last mod can hardly be called that, yet it gives space where there really wasn't any, and, once again its accessible through the velcro'd rear seat panel, this time on the lhs.

It's a simple divider..........

More or less just aft of the rear wheel arch, held in place with screwblocks and screws. Fwd of it is more than enough space for our 2 x sleeping bags, and 4 x pillows, the safe was moved into that space too, from the absurd location AS put it in!

It now houses our levelling ramps ( much better than the ones in the previous post) a camping cooker, in its case, 2 gas cans, and 2 x 2ltr bottles. Not seen here is a poly bag with the water hose in it, it sits on top of the ramps.

And, once again, thanks to the magic of Velcro, invisible with the end panel in place!

Enough mods for now, time to get using it!!!


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