1995 Boxer Dashboard transplant- hazard light

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1995 Boxer Dashboard transplant- hazard light

Post by crashedash32 on Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:38 pm


I have recently taken a dashboard out of 2001 1.9TD Boxer van and fitted into my 1995 2.5D Boxer Motor home.

Many reasons for doing, i had to replace the heater Matrix any way, but i mostly just wanted give the cab a refresh.

Outside of a few very minor refit issues it is all in and a OK! allthumbz 

That is except for the Hazard light switch..

the old hazard switch looked like this;

the new one looks like this;

effectively there is one pin missing on the new switch, "pin4".

I have the circuit diagram, which i am happy to share (but not sure if i am aloud on the post?) which shows that pin 4 is connected to the Indicators (effectively shorts the left and right signals out)

so with out this pin the hazards only work with the indicators on, i.e. in the cab you have to indicate left or right then press the hazard switch and the hazards work.

Does anyone have any thoughts??

thanks in advance.
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