Thanks for all your help guys.

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Thanks for all your help guys.

Post by samleeds on Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:13 pm

Well its all over and thanks to all you lot for the help you gave. Special mention to my old mates Ray and Norma down in Wales, he mascarades on here as Sapper997 or some other number, lol. and is the reason why we are now Autosleeper owners. Hes got one and I was jealous, lol. We spent 3 days at his house parked on his drive and had the full use of his very well stocked and equipped workshop, now thats a man cave any bloke would cream over. He was my mentor for the 3 days and we both got a lot done. 

I got the sink out eventually and removed the soap that was blocking the soak away hole. The solar panels and new controller are installed. The 4000w inverter with a remote cable switch went in yesterday. I replaced the old noisy water pump today and repaired a small leak in the waste tank. Ive installed a new status aerial and mounted a 21inch flat screen on a drop down basis under the front bed and my wife is feverishly sewing away making us a curtain that will block off the front bed in material that matches the cushions and runner.

All in all I have been a busy bee and its been great, now the adventure begins. Where to go, who knows, more importantly who cares, its all about the adventure, lol. 

Just to close on a funny note.....I told Ray that it was cold overnight in the van, even with the heater on number 4 and he pointed out that I had left the drivers window open.....Even after that, he final night with them was just as cold and I was convinced that these vans are very badly insulated...HOWEVER....I decided to wash the roof today and noticed that the bloody roof vent over the bed was half open. Mission control laughed and admitted she opened it to get rid of the bacon smell after cooking my bacon buttie and forgot to close it. Oh well these things are sent to try us are they not. lol.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Thanks for all your help guys.

Post by daisy mae on Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:17 pm

Well done now the adventures begin, enjoy, happy and safe camper

Best regards,
daisy mae


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