Sink Mixer Tap on 1999 Symbol

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Sink Mixer Tap on 1999 Symbol

Post by brianb on Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:02 pm

My gold mixer tap (which separate domestic style  tap heads for cold and hot flows) for has developed a heavy leak when pump is on - when pump turned off this slows gradually to a trickle then drips for about 45 minutes - I suspect the likely cause is a worn washer and assumed it could be easily remedied by fitting a replacement washer, as I have done many times at home over the years - turns out to be a rather rash assumption! Having taken off the the plastic head cover I attempted to unscrew the tap body by turning anti-clockwise, but it simply won't budge despite having tried all sorts of spanners - I am reluctant to increase the force used too much for fear of breaking the whole tap - can anyone please advise me?


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Re: Sink Mixer Tap on 1999 Symbol

Post by daisy mae on Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:26 pm

I am trying to remember how I did mine last year, I did take out the sink, just four screws on mine, then could see under the taps. had to replace the tap altogether, then I wasn`t replacing a washer, so don`t know how to seperate tap, my tap was way past that as it was split, mine was the gold mixer tap, unfortunately couldn`t get the same so had to buy a chrome one.

Sorry I cannot be of much help. someone else will soon.
Best regards,

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