Clubman rear split window leak......

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Clubman rear split window leak......

Post by AndyPK on Fri Jun 24, 2016 4:32 pm

After we got back home from Norfolk yesterday, I noticed that the rear work surface of the 'van was wet, also the hob and sink(which we hadn't used, by the way!). Further investigation revealed that the carpet in the bottom r/hand (near side) cupboard was wet too. I checked that the rear split window was shut - it was -  but found that the green trim on the r/hand side was wet from where the window splits (opening to non-opening), so I can only assume that water is getting in somehow. We did drive back through torrential rain from Downham Market to Ely, about 20 miles, so I imagine that road spray was forcing its way through the opening part of the window and down the trim....... Does this sound familiar to anyone, and is it likely to be window seal failure? The seals look to be ok, and, short of spraying the back of the 'van with a hose pipe, it could be difficult to prove. Any comments greatfully received!


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