Help kit out my new Kingham

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Help kit out my new Kingham Empty Help kit out my new Kingham

Post by Machloop on Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:48 pm

My [our] FIAT Kingham will arrive with the full monty from AS [ the premium and winter pack] but I'm looking for help in tracking down a few other essentials. I'm after......

A bike rack that slides out of the back of the chassis and still allows the back doors to open.
A safe that will hold passports/documents and a bit of spare cash and resist a few minutes of kicking.
A decent alarm that we can use when we are asleep in the van as well as away from it.
A front nudge bar (A-frame) that will allow a pair of driving lamps to fit on it.
A pair of driving lamps that will connect to the main beam circuit.
All round mud flaps - no these aren't standard !

I would greatly appreciate links to any of the above that you have used / seen. And, I am also open to any other suggestions as to what I can spend my money on to improve a new AS van conversion and what items others have found essential or just useful.

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