Idris Tall awing for Clubman?

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Idris Tall awing for Clubman?

Post by Pamponi on Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:07 pm

Hi folks

I seem to remember someone on here recommending the AirAway Idris Tall awning for a clubman?

Was it you?  How do you attach yours to the van?  Does the door foul the Idris like it does the built in Fiamma one??

Im on the fence about buying one.  It doesn't look like the door will clear the awning.  I'm told that you need a minimum of 6" from the top of the door to the channel in the front of the Fiamma do dar.  Looks more like I have 3" between them.

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Re: Idris Tall awing for Clubman?

Post by daisy mae on Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:36 pm

With the Fiamma awning I put the end nearest the door higher than the other end not only does it clear the door any rain rolls off to one side.

We had and air Kampa awning for the caravan, didn`t use it so sold it, it was so heavy and took up a lot of room so a no go, depends what sort of camping you do, ie stay in one place awning handy, travelling about I find it is too much hassle ,plus the extra weight and room,  I don`t bother with one, I don`t stay long in one place.

You will see a lot of awnings advertised mostly used once, to me that says it all.
daisy mae


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