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Aerial Feedback

Post by Carver on Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:01 pm

Having had our van for about 4 months now I have decided to look into TV.
We watch very little, but I think its a good option to have, given our climate..........

I have a dongle that I can use in my laptop and this works pretty well as far as the TV is concerned.  However, the choice of an aerial seems more daunting.

Our van has brackets fixed high up on one side, to take a pole, so I am looking at using these initially.  I have read the sticky above and wondered if anyone had experience of the 'DM Log' aerial that is recommended or anything similar. The flat profile of this type of directional aerial appeals as it will store pretty well.

At this point, I dont intend drilling holes in the roof for a permanent fixture.

I would be interested in your experiences




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